American Licensure Flyer

Are you an international school or ESL teacher who teaches abroad? Have thought about obtaining your American teaching license?  Does the licensure process confuse you?  Are you not an  American citizen and think you are ineligible for an American license? Would you appreciate coaching assistance and support to help you through the process?

Well, The Academic Partnership, LLC is here to help you!

American school districts are facing a teacher shortage and they need teachers like yourself to feel the gap.

Through our unique partnerships in several states, we are able to offer pathways to licensure for American and non-American citizens.


Well everyone’s situation is a little different, so one of our consultants will assist you in the best ways forward based on your experience and credentials.

We will provide the required:

  • Mentorship
  • PRAXIS preparation
  • Approved teaching training courses
  • Content area assessments and
  • PRAXIS registration

Moreover, teachers with less than 2 years’ experience or non-American teachers without a teaching license in their home countries are advised to take our world recognized and accredited TESOL program. All TESOL students will be automatically accepted in our pre-licensure program. All non-native candidates are required to take TESOL or CELTA.

Teachers who excel in the pre-licensure program may be offered an internship and employment in an American school district regardless of nationality.

All courses are state approved and they are moderated by accredited American universities.

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