Teacher Recruitment

Dear Teacher Candidate,

If you already have a job for 2018-2019 please accept our congratulations and hit the reply button and say “I already have a job.”


If you do not have a job yet……………..PLEASE read below! We need you!


There is a brand new school, located in Ajman, opening August 1, 2018. It will have 2000 students. This school is a true American (western) school designed by the administration who have an excellent 35 year reputation for operating several outstanding schools that are Arabic language and curriculum in Sharjah. This is their first American School.  Elementary positions are done as a Home Room Model (English, Math, Science and Social Studies taught by one teacher. Middle and High School Teacher positions are done by subject.


The school desires to employ 30 or more Elementary / Middle / High School teachers to start our new school. Our Elementary Teachers are home-room based all day long. Our Middle School Teachers are subject oriented; similar to our High School. Our High School Teachers have both regular courses and AP (Advanced Placement) courses.


We have teaching jobs for single females, single males, married teaching couples and female/male teachers (spouse not teaching). Families with children are welcome.


We prefer teachers and administrators with a western education degree and a western teaching license; however we may accept a teacher with a Bachelors Degree and a TESOL/CELTA Certificate if they have a good teaching record.


We desire our teachers to be native-English speakers. We prioritize and emphasize our need for teachers who can teach English through Math and Science content.


We have a USA-Approved salary schedule that places a teacher with a Bachelors Degree and 7 years experience at 36,000 USD per year. A teacher with a Masters Degree and 7 years experience is placed at 39,000 USD.  Our benefits are uniform throughout our teacher group and include medical insurance that can be upgraded to a premium level as may be required.



UAE salaries are tax free and the percentage that can be saved may be as high as 80%. Your only SAIS-based expenses are your foods and personal purchases. Our Teacher apartments are brand new and completely furnished. We provide free utilities. Each apartment is a studio or one bedroom apartment with a full American kitchen. Larger apartments accommodate families. Our apartments have great washing machines and spin dryers; however the culture here is to take your clothes to the laundry which is not expensive.


Men, make sure you bring ample professional dress items for a quick start in your classroom. This includes a nice sports jacket (take it on the plane to save luggage space), three of more pair of dress slacks (blue/black/gray/brown), 7 or more dress shirts (plaids or solids), professional ties that match your school outfits, two or more dress shoes and two nice looking belts (black/brown). Casual (out of school) wear are shorts and t-shirts or pretty much whatever you want.


Women, please also pay attention to your professional dress for a quick start in your classroom. This includes formal western dress for events, skirts or dresses (below the knee length) for classrooms. Tops must have sleeves and no low-cut necks. Nothing sleeveless in the classroom. Casual wear are shorts and t-shirts or pretty much whatever you want. UAE allows women complete freedom their dress.


If you are interested in our school, please download the attached CV sample and submit/re-submit your CV. This CV revision is an easy process that takes many types of professional information and incorporates it into one easy-to-read PDF file. As we review hundreds of CVs annually, it is critical for us to easily locate important information regarding your professional teaching preparation and work experiences quickly. Some candidates send us an email and expect us to have the time to open over 15 separately attached files to review what could easily be incorporated into one CV. This is not possible for us to process and these applications are rejected.


We typically have SKYPE interviews, check references and then quickly send a Letter of Intent (LOI) to all teacher candidates who are offered a contract. The LOI officially links you to our school and is the first step of a contract. A contract and a VISA process quickly follow this signing. And then you are on your way here!


Consider us for an interview!


Our contact information is as follows:

Raynor Roberts
The Academic Partnership, LLC                                                       



SKYPE: Raynor S. Roberts

+15713031565 (SKYPE IN) USA

KSA Cell: +966540039777


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